Troika Pottery Cube Vase Decorated By Linda Hazel

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika section is this Troika Cube vase:

Linda Hazel Troika Pottery Cube Vase

Troika Cube Vase – Linda Hazel

Decorated by Linda Hazel this Troika Pottery vase dates from the early 1970’s when the pottery was based in Newlyn in Cornwall, England. It is a textured range piece with all four sides featuring an abstract design picked out in contrasting colours. This Troika Cube vase is fully glazed in white on the inside and has the painted Troika pottery mark on its base.

We have a wide selection of Troika pottery for sale including Troika Marmalade vases, Troika Spice vases and Troika lamp bases which is regularly updated with new pieces for sale.

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