New Stock – Boxed PenDelfin Picnic Basket For Sale

The latest addition to our PenDelfin Rabbit section is this superb PenDelfin Picnic Basket rabbit in its original PenDelfin Studios box.

Boxed PenDelfin Picnic Basket Designed,  Jean Walmsley Heap

Boxed PenDelfin Picnic Basket Designed By Jean Walmsley Heap

I’ve always loved the PenDelfin Picnic Basket, I know you can’t see the rabbit’s head but you can just imagine what he’s doing inside the picnic basket! This PenDelfin model was designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and only produced by PenDelfin from c1966-1968, so he is not often seen, especially with his original box.

We have a wide range of retired PenDelfin rabbits for sale including some lovely old PenDelfin rabbits still in their original boxes, a really nice touch for any collector. We also have some slightly newer special edition rabbits such as the PenDelfin Millennium Queen and the PenDelfin The Anniversary model which was produced by PenDelfin to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the  PenDelfin Family Circle club.

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