Extremely Rare Troika Giant Wheel Vase – For Sale

The latest addition to the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section is an extremely rare and collectable Troika pottery GIANT wheel vase!

This massive Troika vase stands approximately 13″ tall and is the largest of the wheel vase range produced by the Troika pottery. Decorated by Troika decorator Avril Bennet this rare and very impressive Troika vase dates c1973-1979.

This vase is not only impressive in size but in decoration too – it has an interesting pattern on one side, the body design. Picked out in greeny blues, oranges and creams the design really stands out against the oatmeal brown base.

We currently have a wide selection of Troika pottery for sale, including an early Troika St Ives double egg cup, an abstract face design small wheel vase by Marilyn Pascoe and a bright Troika pottery Coffin vase by Simone Kilburn to name a few.

Click here to view our current selection of Troika Pottery for sale

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