Maling Pottery Revisited – Great Photos

I recently came across these photos of the Maling Ford B Pottery on the excellent “Photographs of Newcastle” blog.

Maling’s Ford B pottery was established in 1878 – and was one of the largest, most modern potteries in the UK. Highly mechanised for its time, it provided relatively good working conditions for its workers at a time when this was rarely an employer’s top priority.

C. T. Maling invested more than £100,000 in the Ford B Pottery – a sizeable sum in 1878 – and it dwarfed its predecessor, the nearby Ford A Pottery. Ford B had 10 kilns, employed over 1,000 ‘hands’ and was completely self sufficient – from flint mill to onsite railway sidings. The Ford B site was to remain Maling’s home until the company closed in 1963 – by this time under the ownership of Hoults, a furniture removals company.

Today, the buildings still stand and indeed still bear the Hoults name – It’s interesting to see that Hoults still operate the site, which looks relatively unchanged and benefits from what is probably a very valuable location near Newcastle’s city centre.

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