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In this month’s issue (September 2009) of the popular Collect it! magazine you’ll notice a new section…Jargon Buster written by the likeable Roland Head.

This section is designed to go through the alphabet, A to Z, each month looking at a different letter and introducing and clearing out any cobwebs on terms used within the antiques and collectables industry.

This month he starts with the letter A, and among the words he looks at is Art Deco – this is where Perfect Pieces is featured. Poole Pottery created some very stylised and Art Deco patterns back in the 1930’s and the bowl pictured is a piece of Poole Pottery from our collection! To view our current collection of Poole Pottery – click here.

As you’ll probably know Collect it! magazine is a monthly magazine featuring everything from new collectables, expert discussions,  letters from readers with puzzling items and often feature articles on antiques and collectables. If you buy the magazine regularly or are thinking of a present for an avid collector then why not consider a subscription? They can often save you money and you’ll receive each magazine as soon as it’s been published – save getting wet when going out to buy it each month!

Note: Collect It! is sadly no longer being published.

1 thought on “Collect it! Magazine – Antiques Jargon Buster

  1. sara Courtenay

    looking, on behalf of a friend, for May 2010 issue which she missed as she renewed her sub and the publishers have sold out. Any ideas? Thanks

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