Troika Pottery Ideas For Christmas Presents…

If you’re thinking of purchasing a piece of Troika pottery for someone’s Christmas present or even just for yourself for Christmas then be sure to check out the Perfect Pieces Troika Pottery section.

We have a wide range of Troika pottery pieces for sale, ranging from the smaller pieces such as Troika marmalade vases and Cube vases, through to Troika slab vases and larger Troika lamp bases. I have pictured a small range from our selection below:

Troika Marmalade vase, Troika Spice vase, Troika Chimney vase and a Troika Wheel lamp base

Troika Pottery is one of our specialist areas and we often have a wide range of pieces to choose from. The pottery which only operated for around 20 years has become hugely collectable and as a result you should be aware that there are pieces out there that are not true Troika pottery pieces. People often ask what do you mean “not true Troika Pottery”, what we mean is pieces that are not originally and 100% made by the pottery when it was open from c1963 until c1983. These can be pieces that have had “Troika” written on the bottom of them or even white wares from the pottery that have been painted by somebody else. Our advice is that you should always buy from a reputable place and from someone you can trust!


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