Retro Carlton Ware Money Boxes

It’s always difficult to come up with ideas for presents for little ones or indeed for adults with Retro styles – so what better than one of the money boxes from the range of retro money banks that Carlton Ware produced around the 1970’s?

With their vibrant colours and wacky designs these money boxes are a perfect gift. This particular one has been decorated with the Noah’s ark pattern in a vibrant blue colour. It bears the Carlton Ware script pottery mark on its base and has a clear plastic stopper in its base (to stop those pennies from escaping!).

To view our full range of Carlton Ware items including this Carlton Ware Money Bank, please – click here.

1 thought on “Retro Carlton Ware Money Boxes

  1. steve dimmock

    hi, i have 1 since mid 70s for my 5th birthday. the item is still immaculate can you guide me to its value pls . many thanx s.

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