Looking For That Perfect Cup & Saucer?

If you’re looking for a cup and saucer then why not take a look at the two pictured below? The first is a stunning Ruskin Pottery lustre cup and saucer and the second is a fine Shelley China Trio.

This is a superb example from the Ruskin pottery, an extremely fine and delicate cup and saucer decorated in a stunning lilac lustre glaze. Dating from the early 1920’s it really is a superb piece of design from a top quality pottery.

The Shelley china trio, on the right, is decorated in an almost Art-Nouveau pattern on a Vincent shape trio. Dating from the late 1920s to 1945 this set is typical of that era. Offering a totally different style this set is perfect for Trio collectors.

For further details and pictures of the Ruskin Pottery cup and saucer – click here.

And, for further information on the Shelley China trio please – click here.

So, if you think one of these cup and saucer sets will satisfy the receiver of your gift then don’t forget until Christmas Eve 2008 we are offering 5% off ALL prices and both these pieces include FREE UK postage and packaging as well!

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