Christmas Gift Ideas – PenDelfin Display Stands

If you’re looking to buy a Christmas present for a PenDelfin collector then why not consider a PenDelfin display stand? These can be brilliant for adding variety and a real-life feeling to a PenDelfin collection.

The PenDelfin Studios produced a wide range of display stands over the years, some of which were only made for limited periods. They come in all shapes and sizes, so there really is usually one that’s perfect for every PenDelfin collection! Here is a small selection of the range of PenDelfin stands we currently have for sale:

The original PenDelfin Bandstand – this is the first version of the Bandstand that PenDelfin produced, making it quite an early PenDelfin display stand. It has 7 steps allowing lots of musical PenDelfins to stand on it:

PenDelfin Bandstand - Original PenDelfin Bandstand

The PenDelfin Toyshop is a popular stand. It is very detailed in design and is the perfect home for the PenDelfin Jacky rabbit. This PenDelfin stand is also retired from production:

PenDelfin Toy Shop  - Retired PenDelfin stand

Betsy Barge is a great fun boat shaped stand, quite unusual and perfect for around the PenDelfin Jetty and PenDelfin Shrimp Stand. This PenDelfin stand is also retired from production and allows your PenDelfin rabbits to sit inside a boat!

PenDelfin Betsy Barge - Retired PenDelfin stand

If you’d like to view our full selection of PenDelfin stand for sale – please click here.

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