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On the Perfect Pieces website we have an Antique & Collectable Book Reviews section. In this section we you’ll find a wide range of pottery books that at some point we’ve read and have reviewed for you.

Books range from specialist Pottery Marks books, time period books such as Art Deco and the 1950’s, to specialist pottery books such as Troika Pottery and Martin Brothers. There are many different types of book available to collectors covering the basics such as identifying different pottery marks to learning all about a specific pottery’s history. Price guides are also available although these have to be treated with caution as prices do fluctuate over the years.

We’re often asked where is the best place to buy any of these books? Well, when you’re at Antique Fairs that’s always a good place to start looking. Often there will be book stalls, some selling second hand copies others selling new copies. Alternatively, there is Amazon which tends to have a good range available and does home delivery.

If you’re a collector, an avid reader or simply looking for a gift for someone then books are the perfect Christmas present. Why not take a look through some of our reviews and see what a wide range is available?

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