Smooth Glazed Troika Wares Up For Grabs

Some of my favourite pieces of Troika pottery are the early and unusual smooth glazed sculptural wares in white. Simple in design and decoration yet strangely appealing. At the time only the smaller pieces from this range proved popular with collectors, along with the ever popular textured range. The larger pieces didn’t sell well possibly because of their high price tags.

Due to the unpopularity of the larger pieces fewer were made making them relatively scarce today. However I noticed a couple of these large pieces have appeared on eBay recently including an unusual double candleholder, and a large white glazed fruit bowl. Quite striking centre pieces on anyone’s dining table!

1 thought on “Smooth Glazed Troika Wares Up For Grabs

  1. PJ

    Another problem with the white-glazed pieces was that there were more prone to breaking/faults when fired – so the wastage rate was much higher.

    But you’re right. Somehow they didn’t capture the public imagination as powerfully as the textured wares. Not sure why – I love them.

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