Bronze PenDelfin Mother & Baby from the PenDelfin Metallion Range

The Metallion Range that PenDelfin produced in the 1980s is often overlooked. Whilst the majority of the range features mystic designs and witches there are one or two rabbit pieces if you look hard enough!

Take this bronze Mother & Baby rabbit currently on eBay. It was designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap, stands approximately 7″ tall and was only produced from 1980-1985. To complete the pair a Father Rabbit was also made, similarly designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and standing approximately 7″ tall.

This pair was also made into a set of rather nice and very weighty(!) bookends, one with Father Rabbit on a stone base and one with Mother & Baby on a stone base, fit to hold up any books I’m sure!

So if you’re interested in expanding your collection into the Metallion range then Mother & Baby isn’t a bad place to start, she’ll blend in with her other cousins and will add a nice bit of variety among all those pottery rabbits.

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