Crown Devon – The unearthed treasure

Often overlooked in favour of pieces produced by the Carlton Ware pottery, Crown Devon really is a hidden gem. One of the premier potteries of its time, the Crown Devon pottery from Stoke-on-Trent produced high-quality decorative wares as well as everyday use tableware for more than a century – originally starting out in the late 1870’s.

Their decorative ranges covered lustre and matt glazed wares, and musical novelty items including tankards, jugs and cigarette boxes. It also produced a large range of novelty animals and figurines.

This particular piece of Crown Devon pottery is a particularly fine example of the pottery’s matt-glazed wares. The hand-painted pattern depicts a galleon sailing on rough seas and both sides of the jug are fully decorated with large ships. The matt-glazed range was produced in relatively small numbers during the 1930s and 1940s and included some of Crown Devon’s finest decorative output. This large, galleon-pattern vase is superb and easily the equal of similarly decorated Carlton Ware pieces.

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