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Cornish Pottery – Summer Holidays Collectable Shopping!

If you’re heading to Cornwall on your summer holidays this year then take a moment to enjoy the landscape and see how it was reflected in the ever popular and collectable Troika Pottery.

Made in Cornwall, in England, from 1963 until 1983 Troika Pottery reflects the surrounding it was designed in. From the earthy tones used, the textured finish and the abstract decoration depicting hidden images, every piece feels very tactile and even very useable!

The Cornish pottery produced a range of glazed wares and textured wares making items such as vases, lamp bases, egg cups and ash trays to decorative plaques and stylised vases. Whether you’re a collector or simply like nice things there is bound to be a piece of Troika Pottery to suit your needs!

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NEW STOCK – Troika Large Wheel Lamp Base For Sale

We have just added a lovely large Troika wheel lamp base to the Troika Pottery For Sale page. This is a lovely textured piece of Troika Pottery that not only is a collectable item but is an attractive and practical lamp for everyday use in your home.

Large Troika Pottery wheel lamp baseThis is an impressive large piece of Troika Pottery decorated by Penny Black and featuring circular motif designs on both sides.

CLICK HERE – To view more details and photographs of this Troika lamp base for sale.

We always stock a wide range of Troika for sale and our stock changes regularly so be sure to check back if you’re after something specific, or just get in touch.

March’s Special Offer Item – Troika St Ives Double Egg Cup

Our latest special offer item FOR THIS MONTH ONLY (March 2014) is this superb and very fetching Troika St Ives double egg cup.

Troika St Ives double egg cupThis is a lovely early glazed piece of Troika, that has been decorated with an abstract design around the egg cup base.

For March only this early piece of Troika Pottery will be at the special offer price of ONLY £65.

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Item of the Month: Early Troika St Ives Rectangular Vase

Each month on Perfect Pieces, we feature a single item from our stock on the home page, at a specially-discounted price that will only be available for a limited period.

This month’s featured item is an early Troika St Ives rectangular vase. This 8″ vase dates from Troika’s early period, when the pottery was based at Cornwall’s artistic hub, St Ives, and was handpainted by one of Troika’s earliest decorators, Sylvia Vallance. Vallance only worked at the pottery from 1967-69, enabling us to date this vase quite precisely.

(On the base of most pieces of Troika is a unique decorator’s mark that enables you to identify the artist who painted the piece. By combining the artist’s employment dates with the pottery marking, it’s often possible to date pieces quite accurately. You can see a large number of Troika markings on our Troika pottery marks page.)

This vase is quite unusual because it combines a popular shape — the rectangular vase — which was used right through the 1970s, with a much earlier style of decoration. The brown-black glaze used by Sylvia Vallance is a hallmark of early Troika that fell out of use soon after this piece was made, and while the body of the vase is patterned, it is much less three-dimensional than later examples, which often had substantial moulded decoration.

The vase offers a relatively rare opportunity to buy a good quality early piece of Troika that provides an interesting contrast with the more common and boldly-painted textured pieces. Pieces made during Troika’s St Ives period (1963-1970) are comparatively rare, making them an interesting addition to any Troika collection.

I’ve included some photographs below, but for larger pictures and full details of this piece, click here:

Troika St Ives rectangular vase

A Troika St Ives period rectangular vase, dating 1967-69 and decorated by Sylvia Vallance.

Looking To Buy Some Troika Pottery?

Are you thinking of buying some Troika? This eye-catching pottery has become a firm favourite with collectors in recent years, and you’ve probably seen it on TV or handled it at an antique fair or antique centre. The most popular type of Troika is its textured ware, which combines a textured finish with colourful, moulded designs. When it was new, it was considered to be very modern and unlike many antiques and collectables, Troika fits in really well with the style and design of modern homes, thanks to its abstract designs, bold colours and simple yet creative shapes.

We have a wide range of Troika for sale ranging from the smaller textured Troika Marmalade vases and Troika Cube vases to larger pieces such as the textured Troika Rectangular vases, which make really stylish display pieces.

Troika Marmalade vase by Teo Bernatowitz

Textured Troika Marmalade vase by Teo Bernatowitz


A lesser-known type of Troika is the pottery’s smooth-glazed ware. This was one of the pottery’s early ranges and was made in quite low volumes, making it rarer today. It’s completely different in style to the textured ware, although it does use some of the same shapes.

Most pieces are based on a white glaze with green, blue or black decoration, as I’ve shown in the pictures below. Some unusual items are glazed completely in black, too!

Pictured below are two lovely pieces we currently have for sale – an eye catching glazed Troika St Ives cube vase and a lovely glazed Troika St Ives egg cup.

Troika St Ives Glazed Cube vase

Troika St Ives Glazed Double Egg Cup

So, if you’re thinking about starting a Troika collection and buying Troika Pottery then do check out the current selection of Troika Pottery we have for sale.

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Genuine Troika Pottery For Sale – Ideal Christmas Presents!

If you’re looking for a Troika vase for Christmas then be sure to check out the pieces of Troika Pottery we’ve recently added to the Perfect Pieces website.

All our Troika vases are genuine Troika Pottery and were produced and painted in the original Troika pottery between 1963 and 1983.

Troika vase - Medium wheel vase by Jane Fitzgerald Troika slab vase by Linda Taylor Troika shouldered cylinder vase by Simone Kilburn Troika St Ives cube vase

Stunning medium Troika wheel vase, Troika slab vase, large shouldered Troika cylinder vase, and early St Ives glazed Troika vase.

We have a wide range of genuine Troika vases for sale including many textured pieces such as Troika Marmalade vases as well as some nice white glazed Troika pieces including a lovely Troika double eggcup.

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Buy Troika Pottery With Glazed Tops!

If you’re looking to buy Troika Pottery and want to combine their popular textured designs with some of their glazed features then here are a few different Troika styles you could consider:

Troika Pottery Vase - Judith Illsley Marmalade Vase Troika Pottery vase - Shouldered Cylinder by Simone Kilburn Troika Pottery vase - Troika Chimney vase, Sue Lowe

Troika Marmalade vase, Troika shouldered cylinder vase & Troika Chimney vase

The first Troika vase pictured is a Troika Pottery marmalade vase. This is a square shaped textured vase with a smooth glazed rounded top – perfect as a pen pot!

The second Troika vase pictured is called a Troika shouldered cylinder vase. This is like the standard cylinder vase the Troika Pottery produced but has the addition of a nice smooth glazed rounded top.

The final Troika vase pictured is the lovely Troika chimney vase. A Chimney vase is like a Troika slab vase but with the addition of a smooth glazed chimney top. The narrow sides are also glazed and occasionally you may find a fully-glazed example.

We have a wide selection of Troika Pottery for sale – click here to see our current selection of Troika vases. If you’re looking for a specific piece then just get in touch.



Troika Pottery For Sale Under £150 At!


If you’re looking for a piece of Troika Pottery and have a budget of £150 then there’s plenty of choice in our Troika Pottery section. You’ll not only find textured Troika vases for sale but also earlier Troika St Ives pieces and also other Troika Pottery objects.

Here is a small selection of the Troika Pottery we currently have for sale for under £150:

Troika Pottery Marmalade Vase - Judith Illsley Troika Pottery Square Rimmed Ashtray - Avril Bennet Troika Pottery Coffin Vase, Annette Walters Troika Cube Vase, Anne Jones Troika Pottery St Ives Smooth Glazed Slab Vase Troika Pottery Marmalade Vase, Linda Hazel

Superb Judith Illsley Troika Marmalade vase, a stunning Troika square rimmed ashtray, a Troika Coffin vase, a Troika Cube vase, an early Troika St Ives vase and a lovely Troika Pottery Marmalade vase.

As you can see there is a wide range of Troika vases and other Troika shapes available at this price range ranging from textured Troika to vases to earlier smooth glazed St Ives Troika vases.

We also have many larger piece of Troika Pottery for sale including medium wheel vases and tall Troika rectangular vases.

To view our full selection of Troika Pottery For Sale – CLICK HERE


St Ives & Newlyn Troika Pottery Rectangular Vases – FOR SALE

If you’re looking for a tall piece of Troika Pottery then why not consider a Troika Pottery Rectangular vase? The Troika rectangular vase comes in many different designs and styles and was made when the pottery was based in St Ives, in Cornwall, and the shape was still produced when they relocated to Newlyn, so you’re able to find early versions as well! The Troika rectangle vase stands approximately 22 cm tall and is finished with a smooth white glazed inner – perfect for protecting the vase if you’re using it for flowers!

Here are two examples we currently have for sale:

Troika Pottery St Ives Rectangular Vase - Sylvia Vallence Troika Pottery Rectangular Vase - Marilyn Pascoe

Early Troika St Ives Rectangular vase and a Troika Newlyn Rectangle vase

On the left we have an early Troika Rectangular vase made when the pottery was based in St Ives, in Cornwall. It has a moderately smooth finish and is very simplistic in its design.

On the right is a Troika Rectangular vase made when the pottery was based in Newlyn, in Cornwall.  This vase is very different in design and colourings. The pattern is more defined and there’s more colour to the body of the vase.

Both pieces are very attractive and would make lovely additions to any Troika collection. If you’re after a different shape of vase then check out our Troika Pottery section where we have a whole range of Troika vases and decorative objects for sale.

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