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Bronze PenDelfin Mother & Baby from the PenDelfin Metallion Range

The Metallion Range that PenDelfin produced in the 1980s is often overlooked. Whilst the majority of the range features mystic designs and witches there are one or two rabbit pieces if you look hard enough!

Take this bronze Mother & Baby rabbit currently on eBay. It was designed by PenDelfin founder Jean Walmsley Heap, stands approximately 7″ tall and was only produced from 1980-1985. To complete the pair a Father Rabbit was also made, similarly designed by Jean Walmsley Heap and standing approximately 7″ tall.

This pair was also made into a set of rather nice and very weighty(!) bookends, one with Father Rabbit on a stone base and one with Mother & Baby on a stone base, fit to hold up any books I’m sure!

So if you’re interested in expanding your collection into the Metallion range then Mother & Baby isn’t a bad place to start, she’ll blend in with her other cousins and will add a nice bit of variety among all those pottery rabbits.

Unusual piece of Troika up for auction

I’ve just seen a Troika Celtic Cross up for auction on eBay.

Belonging to the textured range the Celtic Cross is quite a tall piece at around 10″ tall. Whilst not everybody’s cup of tea due to it’s tricky display properties – tall and thin – it is a rather nice and unsual piece.

The base of the piece has been illustrated in the listing enabling you to identify who decorated the piece. This particular example has been decorated by Simone Kilburn. Simone joined the Troika pottery straight from school in 1975 and only worked there until c1977.

You can see further examples of Troika pottery marks on our Troika Pottery Marks page and also read all about the history of this popular pottery on our Troika Pottery Pottery Guide page.

eBay Australia Suspends Intro of PayPal-Only Policy

eBay Australia’s battle to win user and regulatory acceptance for their proposed PayPal-only payment policy looks like it will continue for some time.

The company has had to suspend the introduction of its PayPal-only payment policy pending the outcome of an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). The ACCC is concerned that eBay may be abusing its position as the clear leader in online auctions by using it to eliminate competition in the online payment sector.

As I’ve documented before, one of the largest objectors to eBay’s proposed policy was Google itself, presumably anxious that its PayPal competitor, Google Checkout, will be unfairly disadvantaged by the planned restriction.

Naturally eBay simply claim that the policy will help eliminate fraud and provide a better user experience… This seems to be their explanation for every unpopular change they make (of which there are an increasing number).

Somehow I suspect the real reason may be that eBay spent a lot of money when they bought PayPal…

Sunshine Galore Thanks To Geoffrey Baxter!

Whitefriars Kingfisher Blue Sunburst VaseThe weather these past few days has greatly improved on the fog and rain from last week. The bright sunshine made me think about the Geoffrey Baxter range for Whitefriars Glass – the strong shapes and bright vivid colours. One shape inparticular came to mind, the Sunburst!

The Sunburst shape is pattern number 9676 and was designed by Geoffrey Baxter around 1967. This vase depicts a typical full sun and stands approximately 6″ tall.


To read more about this fantastic range of retro glass check out our Whitefriars Glass guide.

An Unusual Piece of Art Deco Maling

The Newcastle based Maling pottery produced some fine examples of pottery including some stunning lustre ware pieces decorated with exotic birds and windmills to name but a few. I have however just spotted a piece on eBay, it’s an example of real Art Deco styling. Decorated with pattern number 5495 this trumpet shape vase dates c1930-1932.

This example does have some stained crazing shown in the photographs by the seller, it’s obviously been used at some point in time! It might be wise to verify the condition with the seller before bidding, but it certianly would make an unsual addition to a Maling collection.

It’s definitely a vase that would stand out in the crowd!

Tubes and Charlotte Rhead

You may have seen our June Newsletter detailing the work of Charlotte Rhead and how she became a master of tube-lining. You’ll be familiar with the style – patterns are outlined using liquid clay, as we described in the Newsletter “rather like icing a cake”!

To illustrate her technique I’ve included some that are currently on eBay. You can always find examples of her work here and sometime some real gems come up for auction!

As with all pottery designers Charlotte Rhead designed many patterns some more collectable than others. It isn’t just the pattern that can affect an items value though, its shape and also pottery mark can play an important role. If at all posssible I’d always suggest trying to obtain pieces that have her signature mark on the base – some pieces even though they are Charlotte Rhead patterns don’t have this.

Always, be sure to check the piece over so you’re confident about it’s condition and are aware of any faults it may have before you purchase. With eBay always feel free to ask the seller questions about the item before you bid. If a seller is unhelpful or doesn’t answer be weiry about bidding, while there are lots of decent sellers on eBay there are also some roque traders.

eBay Australia Attracts Hundreds of Complaints

eBay Australia’s attempt to ban all payment methods other than PayPal and cash has attracted hundred of written complaints to the Australian Competition Commission and Consumer Commission, which is considering the fairness of the proposed policy. The ACCC has promised to make a ruling on the planned change before it’s due to go live in June.

One of the complainants, however, has turned out to be a rather large company that’s worried about the prospects for its own payment processing system. Google has not yet launched Google Checkout in Australia but is likely to do so eventually and sees an eBay ban on its system as anti-competitive and a thorough pain in the neck.

Google’s submission to the ACCC was meant to be kept anonymous but was not – witness this article on the Auctionbytes website.

Stunning Gordon Forsyth Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Vase

This Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian lustre vase is a truly stunning piece. Standing a massive 10″ tall it would make a superb centre piece. It is decorated in a brown and creamy lustre with a dragon pattern around the body and has full markings to the base, including the Pilkingtons bee mark c1904-1914, and the artist mark of Gordon M Forsyth.

The seller has included many photographs of the piece, but as with all photographs of this type of ware it is very tricky to achieve photographs that actually show off the beauty of the pieces. With the way the lustre reflects and the use of flash, you can often find yourself in the vase reflection if not careful!

Nevertheless from the photographs you can see the pattern, shape, base markings and general condition of the vase, and as with all auctions if unsure be sure to contact the seller BEFORE bidding with any questions you may have about the piece.

Unusual Troika Pottery Flower Pocket Wall Vase

The Cornish pottery Troika based in St. Ives and then later in Newlyn made many different styles of vases including standing, hanging and wall pockets. The flower pocket vase was one example of the more unusal pieces they produced from their textured range.

This example is a piece produced when they were based in Newlyn, c1970-1983, and has been decorated by Louise Jinks. Louise Jinks, who later was Louise McClary, worked at the pottery from around 1976 to 1981. From 1979 she was a senior decorator at the pottery.

The wall pockets are around 8″ by 6.5″ in size and have two holes on the back for hooking onto the wall. Not as striking as some of the pieces that Troika made they do hold a certain appeal especially if one were to mount it on the wall and use it for flowers!

Stunning Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Lidded Bowl

I’ve just spotted a Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian lustre lidded bowl on eBay. It is an extremely finely-decorated piece by Gladwys Rodgers, one of the most collectable of the Royal Lancastrian artists.

Royal Lancastrian lustre wares are quite often worn or may have cracks, hairlines or crazing. Their thin bodies and the glazes that were used make this inevitable. However, this piece appears to be in excellent overall condition and is illustrated with no fewer than 12 photographs!

It’s a truly stunning and rare example of early 20th century art pottery.


Further to this stunning lidded pot that finished on eBay at £775 on 12th May, I’ve just spotted a super Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian lustre vase. Displaying the pattern extremely well over its bulbous body it is a large and striking vase.