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Burleigh Ware Zenith duo in Barley pattern

New Burleigh Ware Zenith website!

Just a quick note to let you know about a new Burleigh Website we’ve come across recently.

Collector Steven Goss got in touch with us to share the news about his new website, Steven is a dedicated collector of the Burleigh Ware Zenith shape.

Burleigh Ware Zenith duo in Barley pattern

Burleigh Ware Zenith duo in Barley pattern (source:

Zenith was a fantastic Art Deco shape produced by Burleigh Ware in the 1930s. I’ve borrowed an example picture from Steven’s website to give you an idea of what to expect. The website itself is worth checking out, even if you’re not a collector — there are dozens of different patterns.

I should think this is one of the best guides to Zenith ware patterns that you’ll find anywhere.

Steven also has a few pieces for sale, so if you’re looking to start or extend your collection, his website may be worth a look.

Style & Function – An Art Deco Lover’s PC

Combining form and function isn’t always easy – and it certainly isn’t always very common in the world of computers. So what kind of computer can you buy for an Art Deco enthusiast who likes to buy antiques online?

How about one of these?

Stephenson’s beautiful wood-cased Art Deco-styled PC

(Picture borrowed from and copyright of Jeffrey Stephenson /

This work of art is actually a fully-functional PC in a deceptively small case – take a look at the photos on Stephenson’s website to see the scale of the case compared to a drinks can.

Retired engineer Stephenson is legendary in custom PC circles for building beautifully finished, Art Deco inspried PCs. This unit is just one of several he has built and exhibited and is not for sale. He will build them to order – but expect a hefty price tag for such hand-finished loveliness.

Take a look at some of Stephenson’s other Art Deco-inspried PC designs here.