Looking for a Retro Gift? Check out this Carlton Ware Money Box

If you’re looking for a retro gift or maybe collect Retro items or simply collect money boxes then you should definitely check out the Carlton Ware pottery Noah’s Ark retro money box we have just added to our Carltonware pottery section.

The Carlton Ware pottery produced a whole range of novelty retro money banks decorated in bright and vivid colours. The range included a Train, Cat, Owl and Noah’s Ark to name just a few – this particular money box is Noah’s Ark and has been decorated in blue. It shows three animals, a lion, giraffe and elephant looking out of the windows on Noah’s Ark!

On its base it has its plastic stopper (so all your money can’t fall out!) and the Carlton Ware pottery script pottery mark. These date from the 1970’s and are really fantastic in design and decoration.

To see further images of this Carlton Ware money bank – click here, and please do not hesitate to contact us is you require any further information about this piece or are looking for another piece of Carlton ware pottery.

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