Pottery Price Guides and Pottery Books – How To Choose

There are many many pottery price guides, collectables price guides and collectors handbooks on the market today, often with new ones coming out each year so it’s hard to know which to buy if you’re after one.

If you’re a collector of a specific area and are after a book which might give you further information about your collecting market including pictures and price guides their are often Collectors Handbooks available for specific areas such as the following:

It’s worth bearing in mind that these aren’t necessarily newly published each year so prices aren’t always up to date and have to be taken with some caution. They do however generally offer some interesting information about the collecting area, the ranges that might have been available and some will also include a short history of the pottery as well.

If you’re looking for more general price guides then there are lots available. These are often published each year and often cover many many different potteries, glass manufactures and sometimes other collectable items such as militaria, dolls and books for example. Examples of this type are the Miller’s Price Guides, such as the ones illustrated below:

If you have a book that you think is extremely useful and would recommend it then do let us know and we’ll write about it here so that other collectors can also benefit.

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