Inspecting Ceramics – How to check for damage & restoration

When you’re buying from an Antique Fair or auction it’s always wise to properly inspect the items so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you think you are. Whilst the auction house might not have listed any damage on your particular lot, they aren’t required to and once you’ve bought the piece there’s no going back!

Checking for restoration, hairline cracks or any other damage can often be tricky, especially as the light in many of these places isn’t brilliant. That’s why it’s always wise to carry around an eye glass or small magnifying glass.

Here is an example of an eye glass (left) and a jewellers loupe (right). Click on any of the images to see the range that Amazon currently offer:

These really allow you to get up, close and personal with an object and really inspect it. It’s always wise if at all possible to take the item either to a window or towards a light just to give you the best chance of noticing anything.

Why not check out our How to Check Ceramics for Damage, Restoration & Wear guide to help you on your way.

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