New Antique Fair Gemtec Arena, Hull – Sunday 2nd November 2008

There is a new Antique Fair scheduled to go ahead this Sunday, 2nd November 2008. The new venue is the Gemtec Arena in Hull next to the KC Stadium. This fair has been organised by long-established Dualco Promotions who also organise the Doncaster Racecourse Antique Fair.

Given the current economic climate, it’s quite exciting to hear about a new Antique Fair starting up. Dualco have a good reputation for creating solid, well-attended fairs, so this event might well be worth a visit.

The fair is expected to be quite large, with up to 230 stands hosted inside the arena, which is a purpose-built hall within  the football ground. We’ll be going along to see what it’s like – if you go too then do drop us a line and let us know what you thought about it.

To see further details about this new antique fair and details of all the other fairs Dualco Promotions organise please visit their website,

1 thought on “New Antique Fair Gemtec Arena, Hull – Sunday 2nd November 2008

  1. Tess

    We visited this fair yesterday, Sunday 2nd November, to see what it was like and it appeared moderately busy for a first fair. Situated in a nice building – the Gemtec Arena, there seemed a fair turnout of stall holders given the horrible weather. We were there very early so got to walk round while they were setting up so it was quiet initially, but as we were leaving a fair number of people were making there way in so hopefully the stall-holders had a successful day.

    There was a mixture of items for sale, a lot of collectable type bits including railway epherma, Doulton and many other pieces.

    There is free parking and a nice looking cafe – the sausage sandwich was very nice!

    The next antique fair at the Gemtec Arena is the 1st February.

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