Antique Fairs Review – Your help needed

If you’re new to the world of antiques and collectables (or even if you’re not), it can be hard to keep track of which antique fairs are on, where they are on, and whether they are worth visiting. That’s why I try to use this blog to highlight any Antique Fairs I know are coming up that I think might be worth a visit – normally fairs I’ve bought or sold at myself.

As well as these news articles, something else we have on this website is an Antique Fair Guide which has a short review of some of the antique and collectors fairs we have been too and sold at. You can see this guide here:

It’s by no means comprehensive – but there are so many antique and collectors fairs across the UK that for me to compile a comprehensive guide would almost be a full time job in itself.

For that reason, I would like to invite you to submit your reviews and feedback about fairs.

If you visit any UK antique fair and would like to share your opinion about it – good, bad or indifferent – then do let us know!

We’re always keen to keep our information as up to date and will happily add user reviews of as many fairs as possible to our guide (don’t worry if the fair you’ve been to isn’t listed, we’ll create a new review).

So if you visit an antique and collectors fair then do TELL US ABOUT IT. That way we can all stay on top of the best and worse antique fairs to visit around the UK!

We won’t publish your email address or your name (unless you want us to) – and we won’t reuse your email address for anything at all.

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